Wednesday, April 13

Plain and Simple

 The perfect end table- plain and simple!  This darling, light blue piece will be the perfect accent in any room!


Saturday, April 2

Accent Chair

My latest piece, light green in color (more specifically called...Aurora Borealis) and reupholstered in a green polka-dotted fabric!  I have to say, it is very cute!!!  If you love a great chair, this is for you!

Wednesday, March 30

Cornice Board Window Treatments

Need to spice up your windows...try cornice boards!!  A simple, but fun touch.  Let's pick out your fabric and bring a boring window to life!  I made these for my kitchen and they have made all of the difference.  Allows light to come in, yet still creates a homey and COLORFUL feel. 

Tuesday, March 29

Charming Rocking Chair

Antique Rocking Chair!  Great accent piece
Fresh Paint and upholstery!
Like a person who can be given a new life in Christ, so can my furniture, except for it gains a new life through me. From chairs, tables, desks and more, a new life has been given to them and they have been born again. If you like the shabby chic look with a little touch of spunk, then look no further.

Contact me if you like a piece and bring a new life into your home!

I will post pictures as they come. Let me know if you are interested :)